(Selected Contemporary World Poetry)

Ahmad Poori (Narration)
Hooshyar Khayam (Piano)

TR- 02

Terra (Latin for “Earth”) is a selection of love poems by four contemporary poets:
Nizar Qabbani (1923 – 1998) from Syria, Nazim Hikmet (1902 – 1963) from Turkey, Anna Akhmatova (1889 – 1966) from Russia, and Pablo Neruda (1904 – 1973) from Chile.

1. Preludium
2. Serenade
3. Arioso
4. Adagio Nostalgico
5. Con Brio
6. Fantasia

Total Time 54:56

All poems translated into Persian and narrated by Ahmad Poori.
All music by Hooshyar Khayam.

Recorded live on February 2017, TR Studio
Record and Mastering: Reza Assadpour

Cover Painting:
Detail from “No to Paradise” by Pooya Aryanpour, Acrylic on Canvas, 130 * 180 cm, 2016

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