Bach : Well Tempered Clavier, Book II, Stephen Prutsman

Stephen Prutsman plays J. S. Bach
Well Tempered Clavier, Book II
TR- 06 (New Edition)

Stephen Prutsman is a musician of many surprises: laureate of number of the world’s most prestigious piano competitions back in 90s, now brings all other kinds of music into the attention of his audience. He plays Jazz, composes, conducts, produces, mentors new compositions, brings music of all forces together, arranges for silent movies, and above all, plays with heart, mind, and craft of highest piano playing; yet, his playing is simple, pure… We wish to bring Mr. Prutsman’s rendition of Bach’s music to our audience in Iran, of his poetic license in the order of the twenty four preludes and fugues of the second book. A music violently deep, viciously elegant; a music to go with for many days, many years… (excerpt from the Booklet, written by Hooshyar Khayam)

Recorded at Lotus, Salzburg (2003)
Edited by Andre Zweers, Screaming Lizard
Mastered by Mike Winger at Studio Ajea | Re-Mastered by Ken Lee Mastering

All royalty will go towards philanthropic programs for children and adults with autism in Iran.
Manufacture and distribution in Iran by Tehran Records under license from Ajea Records

Cover art:
“Untitled” (2009), Original painting by Pariyoush Ganji, oil on canvas, 200cm * 200cm

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