Pooya Aryanpour

“I was born in Tehran in 1971. My father, a sociologist and a leading figure in the avant-garde movement of the time in Iran; my mother was a selfless companion for him.

My parents adopted a new method of education for me. They decided not to send me to school. I rarely attended school and often studied at home, spending more time on sports activities.

A new chapter opened in my life when I enrolled the school of art. It was followed by academic studies which I finished with a major in painting and which I did not like at all.

Various sports activities were replaced by tennis over these years, and challenges of numerous tennis tournaments left great memories.

Painting and tennis became a major occupation for me when I finished university, and I dedicated a larger part of my life to painting henceforth. I began to teach painting and tennis around those years.

Life has since been more or less the same thing for me…”

Cover arts for the two albums: