Stephen Prutsman

TR- 08 (New Edition)

Dark Pearl, Moonstone, Dog, Luna, Shadows, and many more tracks of original piano compositions of the composer Stephen Prutsman will evoke deep luscious sentiment of nostalgia for those who have loved Jazz, and who enjoyed works of grand-masters of the past, whether Bill Evans or Oscar Peterson. They will find new sonority and sounds in corners of these works. The listener will at times be flown away by the artist’s unsurpassed art of piano playing… (excerpt from Booklet, critical notes by Hooshyar Khayam)

All profits go towards philanthropic programs for children and adults with autism in Iran
© 2013 Ajea Records

Detail from “Summer Window” (2010) original painting by Pariyoush Ganji, oil on canvas, 130cm * 200cm

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