Golfam Khayam

Described by soundboard magazine as “…doubtlessly one of the most exceptional phenomena of classical music in Iran” , Golfam KHAYAM has evolved into an international career as a performer-composer-improviser. This career reflects her unique musical language through the integration of her native musical elements within a contemporary experimental musical framework.

Khayam has appeared extensively as performer, composer, as well as soloist in prestigious music festivals including the Glatt&Verkehrt (Austria), Les Nuits du Monde, Orient-Occident (Switzerland, Geneva), Aarhus International Guitar Festival, Copenhagen Guitar Festival, Basel Culturescapes Festival, Aalborg International Guitar Festival, Yerevan Naregatsi Art Festival (Armenia), Mixtur contemporary music festival (Barcelona). She is being often invited as guest lecturer in different musical institutions, such as ”Royal Danish Academy of Music”, “Aarhus Royal Academy of Music”, “Geneva Music University”.
Her enthusiasm both in contemporary music and Persian ethnic music and her extensive research on the Persian strum instruments has made her developing a wide range of extended techniques for the classical guitar. So far she has signed with Doberman-Yppan Records, Hermes records, Parsian Records. Her recent album is released with ECM records in Spring 2016 by title “Narrante” (with Mona Matbou Riahi).

Golfam Khayam is born in Iran in a family of active artists in Tehran, began her musical studies at the age of seven with piano and a year later with classical guitar. During her early musical studies, she studied Persian music with Setar. In 2007 she completed “Master of Music” from the College-Conservatory of Music, University of Cincinnati (USA), where she studied under Clare Callahan, coaching of Oscar Ghiglia and Lee Fiser. She continued her studies at the HEMGE (Switzerland) with her tutor Dusan Bogdanovic, parallel studies of composition and orchestration with Nicolas Bolens, Victor Cordero, Marc-André Rappaz during which she acquired the degree of Interprétation Specialisée Solist in 2010 as well as the degree of Master of Performer-Composer in 2014.

Winner of numerous competitions, scholarships, and prizes. She has been named as the selected composer at the International Music Council, Rostrum of composers in the “Windows on the World” category in 2016. This also includes Music University of Geneva (HEMGE) concerto competition, HES-SO fellowship fund and award, College-Conservatory of Music scholarship award, Tehran University chamber music competition. She has been teaching assistant in the guitar department at College-Conservatory of Music University of Cincinnati, guest lecturer at University of Art in Tehran and research assistant at the Music University of Geneva.
She plays on the George Lowden guitar.

Golfam is featured in Tehran Records in the album:

“Works for Guitar and Orchestra” TR- 08