?How do I get TR products–

Our products are downloadable through number of digital distributors. For local subscribers Beeptunes and Ritmoo, and a list of international distributors offer TR products in form of digital full albums and single tracks.

They include iTunes, Spotify, and a few other stores and streaming services accessible through their host sites

Our hard copy CDs are not yet distributed internationally due to trade limitations. We do hope this will change sometime in future, and if so, it will be announced and reflected in our website

? Can I buy CDs and Digital Albums on your website–

No. We do not offer a store for our products at this stage. This might change later. Yet, on official release of every album, icons for a few of the stores below main page of each album will guide you directly to the page of the host site for purchase

?Does TR consider unsolicited works for publication–

Yes it does. However, most of our products are chosen by TR producer and its team of musical advisors. Artists have so far been, and normally are selected by invitation. For considering publication of your music you must contact the Admission. Before sending any score or recording, you must write a brief letter of interest, bio, and contact information. Our admission will take the responsibility to ask for, and bring your music to the attention of our team of music advisors. In case of the approval, TR will contact you directly for details on publication of your music

Please bare in mind this is a lengthy process, and that the admission will only contact in case of free space in the schedule of company for new releases. TR does not take responsibility of answering all requests of publications, and does not take responsibility towards unsolicited scores and recordings. The artist should not send documents without being asked by the Admission

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