(selected chamber music)
Martyna Kosecka

TR- 03

The debut CD of Polish-Iranian composer and conductor Martyna Kosecka (b. 1989, Gdynia, Poland) exhibits her continuous searching for unheard combination of sounds.

She uses a great variety of styles and techniques in her works: from clearly atonal music to compositions connected with post-spectralism and neo-sonorism. Recently her main goal is searching for new exceptional sound fields in music with help of electronic processing of acoustic instruments.

The album exhibits the artist’s chamber music in live recordings from various concerts and performers.

Cogita! solo piano (2012, rev.2015)
Sial Bassoon and Piano (2014)
Piano Trio (2011)
Love Scenes Flute Oboe Saxophone Violin Accordion Piano (2012)
ENT1701 Flute Oboe Horn Violin Cello Piano (2012)

Total time: 51’30’’

Cover art:
“Luscious Blue” by Faeqeh Shahverdi, original photo, 2016

Soon will be announced