Aleksandra Pykacz

Aleksandra is a winner of many cello and chamber music competitions and performed at many chamber music festivals, among others “Harmos Festival” in Portugal, “Encuentro de Santander” in Spain, “South Bohemian Festival Concertino Praga” in Czech Republic. . She had played as a soloist in Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, the Netherlands, Lithuania and Russia. She attended many master classes where she worked with professors among others such as Philppe Muller, Francois Guye, Markus Nyikos, Reinhard Latzko, Claudio Bohorquez, Tilmann Wick, etc.

Pianist Ioana Mândrescu performed, for the first time in Romania, the Concerto no. 1 by John Field. In 2008 and 2009, she competed, as an accompanist piano player, in George Enescu and Jeunesses musicales contests. She had worked as an accompanist during the masterclasses of Emanuel Pahud and Pierre Yves. She had worked as well as an accompanist with Collegium Vocale in Gent and collaborated with Brussels Philharmonic. She was awarded at the National Music Olympiad and other competitions: Lory Wallfisch (Ploiesti), Jeunesses musicales and Mihail Jora (Bucharest), and Konzerteum (Greece).

Aleksandra is featured as soloist in performance of Hooshyar Khayam’s cello concerto no.1 with Nilper Orchestra under direction of the conductor Navid Gohari.