Ahmad Poori

Ahmad Poori is featured in the album:

Ahmad Poori was born in Tabriz, northwestern Iran, in 1953. The short stories he penned made their debut in literary journals when he was still in high school. By the time he was 22 he had translated two plays by August Strindberg and Harold Pinter. They were both published by Negin Magazine. He had also written some short stories which were published in Ferdowsi, Negin and some other literary journals.He then moved to England to pursue his studies and got an MA in linguistics from Newcastle University. Completion of his studies overseas coincided with the victory of the revolution in Iran. Upon return home, he took up residence in the capital. He resumed his literary career in 1986. Cheshmeh Publishing Co released Ten Interviews, a translation of a series of interviews conducted with world-renowned authors. The same publisher later released his I Love You like Bread and Salt, a collection of poems by Nazim Hikmat. That book drew a warm welcome from Iranian booklovers and served as a prelude to Amorous, a bestseller featuring Take Air away from Me If You Wish, But Do Not Take from Me Your Laughter by Pablo Neruda, One Memory Lies Inside Me by Anna Akhmatova, and In the Blue Port of Your Eyes by Nizar Qabbani. Ahmad Pouri has translated more than 25 collections of poems and a few prose narratives including Letters of Chekov and Olga, and Politically Correct Bedtime Stories by James Garner as well as 10 children’s books. His first novel, Two Steps this side of the Line, published by Cheshmeh Publishing Co. is on its 7th reprint and has sold more than 14,000 copies so far. The novel was nominated for“Once Upon a Time Literary Award” as well as for the top prize of Golshiri Foundation for first-time novelists. His second novel failed to get the green-light [from the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance] for publication. His third novel is in the process of publishing.


Photo by Faeqeh Shahverdi, on recording album “Terra”