God of Rakhsh – Event at TCMA

Event for the release of God of Rakhsh
Tehran Contemporary Museum of Art, March 2018
Live performance

Retrospective exhibition of Ali Akbar Sadeghi
Music by Hooshyar Khayam (piano, kamancheh, tape, VST and live electronics)
Featured artist and improvisor Hesam Inanlou (Kamancheh)
Sound Designers:
Reza Assadpour and Hamidreza Golestani Sani
Mina Momeni (Vocals and Tanbour)
Sound Engineer Reza Farhadi
All photos courtesy of Erfan Parsa

from left to right: Mina Momeni, Amirhossein Mahoozi, Hamidreza Golestani Sani, Reza Assadpour, Ali Akbar Sadeghi, Laily Mahoozi, Hesam Inanlou, Hooshyar Khayam

VST and Electro Sound Designers: Reza Assadpoor (right) and Hamidreza Golestani Sani (left)


Reza Farhadi: Sound Engineer

Ali Akbar Sadeghi: painter, poet, sculptor

Mina Momeni (Tanbour)
from left to right: Dr. Laily Mahoozi (co-producer of the project), Dr. Amirhossein Mahoozi (Narrator), Alireza Shozapoor (Poet, and Shahnameh researcher)

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